Affiliating with BrookBeam Dental

Why BrookBeam Dental?

We are passionate about dentistry. 

Collaborative Relationships

Our relationship with our dentists and employees is collaborative. We maintain constant communication between our management team and practice leadership (both clinical and administrative) of our practices.  We are always seeking, from our staff and doctors alike, new ideas and better ways to operate. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

We recognize that each dental practice has its own distinct character that works.  That’s why patients keep coming back.  We don’t want to get in the middle of that relationship, but rather provide support so that it can grow and flourish. We believe in seamlessly enhancing the clinical relationship with best practices and material support. 

The Patient is the Focus

Our dentists provide the highest quality services without any interference from us.  We feel that if our patients are happy, everyone is happy. 

What can we do for you?

We provide dentists with the support and clinical autonomy they need to best serve their patients while simultaneously providing concrete options for the future.  We handle the management and administrative end of the practice, which allows you, the dentist, to focus on what truly matters: providing the best oral healthcare services possible.

What can we do for your patients?

Patients see an obvious benefit when their dental care provider is able to commit his or her full attention to patient care. Additionally, the administrative support provided by BrookBeam helps practices streamline the patient experience, improving the process for all involved.

If you are thinking about an exit strategy and ready to shed the administrative burdens of practice management to focus on what matters most — patient care — choose BrookBeam!  Contact us at [email protected]

BrookBeam Dental Support Services 

 How can we help

Practice Optimization
We give our partners the ability to focus on their patients while we focus on the business needs.

Our recruiting team helps get the best people in the right roles for each practice.

Information Technology
Keep the office functioning smoothly with updated systems and technology. Our experienced team handles problems quickly to ensure operations are not affected.

Human Resources

We provide state-of-the-art HR support to our practices, from legal compliance to compensation and benefits to organizational culture.
We help our partners mitigate risk by proactively implementing and managing OSHA and HIPAA compliance measures.
Continuing Education & Development
To deliver the best patient experience we ensure staff is properly trained and offered education development for career growth.

Accounting and Finance
We allow our partners to leverage financing services for their practice and their patients.

We offer coordinated and targeted marketing services to ensure each practice grows as well as maintains its patient base.